Hi! I'm Alexandra. I'm a graphic designer and an illustrator, and here's my work.
Snusmurka's studio
Star ICO poster
A poster in the StarWars style for the METASCAN team that protects ICO from scammers.
Support time t-shirt
An illustration in the Adventure time cartoon style with the corporate mascot, created for the KL Support team.
Midori Kuma t-shirt
A t-shirt inspired by the KL mascot -- Midori Kuma bear.
Ray Bradbury book cover
A cover for the book with collection of stories written by Ray Bradbury.
Support-man enamel mug
A mug for the KL META Support team in the pixel art style, inspired by the Pac-man game and corporate mascot -- beautiful bear.
Support-man t-shirt
A t-shirt, also in the the pixel art style for the support team.
Cosmic hedgehog
The hedgehog is a bit sad, but he'll find new friends soon.
Pineapples are cool
What can be more cool than pineapples?
Mouse's house
A mouse has found a dream house... Made of cheese!
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If you want a new poster, logo, t-shirt design or anything alike, or just want to say hello, please get in touch. :)